A Trading and Manufacturing Company
Verne Co., Ltd.


Trading Business

We are developing our trading business in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, and Japan. We also engage in trilateral manufacturing utilizing the advantages of each country, such as sending parts from China and Japan to production factories in Thailand.

EC Business

We sell our products in various countries using platforms popular in those areas such as Amazon for the United States.  Recently, we have also been focusing on managing our own e-commerce site using Shopify and have acquired sales acumen related to each platform.

Product Planning

We listen and try to predict the needs of customers then undergo manufacturing with a focus on pursuing untapped opportunities.  We create new products in cooperation with factories around the world.

Consulting Business

We are interested in sharing our knowledge of global manufacturing and sales. We support those who want to make products using factories overseas as well as those interested in expanding sales to new markets overseas.